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Thomas & Eliza A.(Bootheway) Wells

Thomas Wells born 1832 and died 2 January 1908.  Thomas married Eliza Ann Bootheway (born 1831 and died 18 December 1910) November 1853 at East Langton, Market Harborough. 

Together they had 8 children:
George Ambrose Wells (born 19 August 1854).
Herbert Thomas Wells (born 19 September 1856 and died July 1935) married Susan Scott at Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England.
Harry Edward Wells (born 25 November 1858 and died 22 November 1935) married Elizabeth Saunders (born 16 June 1862 and died 19 October 1950) on 8 November 1887 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Sarah Ann Wells (born 23 March 1862).
Charles William Wells (born 8 April 1864) married Lizzie Maria Dodson.
Arthur Edward Wells (born 12 July 1868 and died 26 February 1869).
Ellen Elizabeth Wells (born 13 July 1869) married Ernest Barker.
Mary Jane Wells born 7 February 1871.

Harry & Elizabeth Wells

Harry Edward Wells born 25 November 1858 in Oxendon, Northamptonshire, England married Elizabeth Saunders, born 16 June 1862 in Simpson, Buckinghamshire, England on 8 November 1887 at St Johns Church of England in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

Harry Wells & Elizabeth Saunders married at St Johns Launceston, Tasmania on 8 November 1887.

Harry & Elizabeth Wells wiith Beatrice 17 January 1889

Together they had 3 children:
Beatrice Helen Louise Wells born 9 September 1888 in Formby, Tasmania, Australia and died 8 November 1983 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Beatrice married Leslie Stuart Macdougall.
Winifred Alice Wells born 20 September 1890 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia and died 20 November 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Winifred married Arthur Melville Tregear.
Gladstone Gordon Thomas Wells born 2 December 1896 in St Marys, Tasmania and died 3 December 1982 in England. Gladstone married Dorothy Mary Cook.

Beatrice, Winifred & Gladstone Wells in 1898
Harry & Elizabeth Wells celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on 8 November 1912

Harry Wells 25 November 1858 - 22 November 1935 and Elizabeth Wells 16 June 1862 - 19 October 1950. Buried at Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


Charles & Lizzie Wells

Charles William Wells born 8 April 1864 in Oxendon, Northamptonshire, England married Lizzie Maria Dodson.

Together they had 3 children:
Winifred Clara Wells married Ernest Charles Hayler and had a son, John Hayler.
Lillian Dora Mary Wells married Gilbert Henstock and had 2 children, Charles Frederick & Winifred Mary Henstock.
Herbert Charles Wells married Violet Nunn and had 4 children, Jean Elizabeth, Herbert John, Albert Charles and  Zena Margaret Wells.

Headstone for Charles & Lizzie Wells at Great Oxendon. Photo take 2007.

Ellen & Ernest Barker

Ellen Elizabeth Wells born 13 July 1869 married Ernest Barker. 
They had a son, Sydney Barker.

Extracts from Beatrice Macdougall’s 1958 diary, when she travelled to England with her sister Wyn Tregear.

27 June – 7 July 1958 – East Levant.
Entrained for Chichester, arriving at 12 noon.  Our cousin Wyn Hayler was at the station to meet us and we took a taxi for her home at East Levant.  It was strange to meet our first cousin - the daughter of our Father’s brother Charlie Wells for the first time.  We met Ernest Hayler the master of the house – a quiet man.  There was much chatter.
The house is very old, about 300 years.
Jack, the only son of Wyn and Ernest, wife Peggy and adopted baby son Peter came and tea was served.
Went to son John Hayler’s house for tea.

28 July 1958 – Northampton
We prepared for our visit to Northampton. We made history today because we met my Father’s only surviving member of his family – Aunt Ellen Barker of 84 Balmoral Road, Northampton.  Aunt is now 89 years of age and has a very alert brain.  Her only surviving son Sydney was at the house on holiday.  We had many reminders of our Father and his family in the course of conversation and over afternoon tea prepared by Sydney.  I presented Auntie with some pink primrose talc powder by Goya.  She is a dear old lady and was pleased to see us.  Glad and Dorothy Wells accompanied us. 

2 – 5 August 1958 – Oxendon.
A memorable day in that we left for the station to entrain for Market Harborough. We called at the Freemasons Arms along St.Mary’s Road for accommodation but they were full up and directed us across the road to No.106 where we found we could stay the night and have breakfast. Went to West’s Café for dinner, and then took a taxi to the village of Oxendon.  This village was of special interest to us as our Father was born here in 1858.  We walked up the road and saw first of all the house that was the home of our Uncle Charlie (father’s brother) and where the 3 children Win, Dora and Bert were born.  We saw the date of 1712 on the house and it appeared in fair order.
We walked along the road to where Win Hayler said Misses Coleman lived.  We found these 2 charming English Gentlewomen and they pointed out to us the house – to the rear of their own home – where the Wells’ our Grandparents lived and probably where Father was born.
We walked across to the Church – the picture of which I have at home and where Father used to chime the bells each Sunday.  We found the graves of the Wells in the Church yard with their gravestones, that of Great grandfather William (1790) and his wife Ann, also that of Uncle Charlie and wife Lizzie.  Bert Wells had clipped the grass round these graves – the remainder of the churchyard was knee high in grass.  A neglected cemetery is a sorry sight and we have seen plenty of them.  The Church is in good order and we spent some time there.
We later left and wended our way along the newly formed road to Market Harborough about 2 ½ miles.  After going about half the distance we met Bert Wells who recognized Dorothy (Wells) who was with us and he hailed a bus and we 3 took it to Harborough.  Bert cycled to the bus station and met us there.
We walked to Bert and Violet Wells as pre-arranged.  Bert met us in the street and we were made very welcome.  They have a very nice home.  Son Chas and young wife Sheila were there from near Oxford for the long weekend.  Other members of the family came during the afternoon and for tea.  There were daughters Jean and Zena and son John.  Jean and Zena’s husbands Lester and Roy and the latter’s baby Michael (15 months).
Bert presented us with some oak candlesticks and vase which he had made from timber from the Oxendon Church.  These we will treasure for old times sake.

8 - 18 August 1958 – Ripon.
Gilbert was at the Ripon Station to meet us and we took a taxi to the home of our cousin Dora and Gilbert Henstock at 95 Kirkby Road, Ripon. Gilbert is a very jovial fellow.
Looked at family photos and snaps.
Dora and Gilbert have lost both their children – Winnie aged 16 and Charles lost as war was ended.
Attended Methodist Church and returned to “Oxendon” (home at Ripon, also my parents home in Tasmania).
Walked around the garden before dinner of roast lamb, peas, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding.  We later walked down the road which Cromwell tramped on years ago.
Gilbert took us to see the Cathedral which was badly damaged during Oliver Cromwell’s time.  We also went to Harrogate and saw the most beautiful gardens.
Dora accompanied us in the taxi to visit the show place of Ripon - Fountain’s Abbey.
Heard the horn blower at the Market Place.  This is a tradition of many years standing and the horn is blown at each corner of the centre square (one long blast 55 seconds).
Visited Gilbert’s sister Bertha Mason.
Played “Motor” (a card game).
Dora gave us each a cream crocheted doyley.
Sadly said goodbye to our good friends.

  Joy & Peter Olney visited Great Oxendon in 2007

It was a thrill to visit the little village of Great Oxendon, the village where Thomas & Eliza Wells brought up their family, including Harry Wells, my great grandfather.

We went to St Helen's Church in Great Oxendon. Harry Wells & Elizabeth Saunders met at St.Helen's.

St Helen's Church, Great Oxendon where the Wells family worshipped.

Tombstones at St Helen's Great Oxendon - John & Harriet Wells standing, Charles & Lizzie Wells lying.

Interior of St.Helen's Great Oxendon.
Interior of St.Helen's Great Oxendon.

Baptismal font in St.Helen's where all Wells children were baptised.

Interior St Helen's Great Oxendon.

Where Harry Wells rang the bells at St Helen's. Ladder to Tower.

The dates 1652, 1683 & 1707 etched in doorway at St Helen's Great Oxendon.

"Plum Cottage", the home of Charles and Lizzie Wells. Built in 1712

We saw the big house "Oxendon Hall" where Elizabeth Saunders worked when she came to Great Oxendon.

Another discovery was where Elizabeth Saunders lived while she worked in Great Oxendon.

We met George & Irene Mills who gave us three photos taken in 1925. He was a neighbour of Charles and Lizzie Wells.

George & Irene Mills with their daughter in Great Oxendon.
Herbert Wells, Winnie Hayler with son John, Charlie and Winnie with their mother Dora Henstock, Lizzie & Charles Wells having a picnic in the big field. Photo taken in 1925 and those big trees are still there.

Harvesting during WW11 with evacuees on the cart. Joe Mills, Wally Robinson, Charles Wells, Jim Reynolds.

"Plum Cottage" the home of Charles & Lizzie Wells in Great Oxendon.

We were priviliged to meet a cousin, John Wells who lived nearby. He showed Joy & Peter a copy of a "The Genealogies and Histories of the Wells Family 1625 - 1994". - a book his grandson had put together as a school project.

Peter & Joy Olney with (Herbert) John Wells, son of Herbert and Violet Wells.

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You might like to take a look at Saunders Family Archives as Harry Wells married Elizabeth Saunders.

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